Be Courageous!

Confession:  Yesterday, I almost let diabetes win.  

It all started so innocent.  We went out for dinner and were about to order when Matthew announced that he wantded a milkshake. 

Sidenote:  Every Doctor Mom will face different challenges, depending on your child’s medical needs.  For someone with Type 1 Diabetes, a simple milkshake  is anything but simple.  It can seriously mess with your blood sugar.

Well, my first instinct was to say “no” to the shake, but in this instance, I knew it would be a victory for diabetes and that is not the outcome I’m working toward.

So I turned up the courage,  pulled out my SuperWoman cape and figured it out.  Go me! 

(I also greatly improved my prayer life right there in that restaurant!)

Here’s the point:  Our kids need to see us meeting their challenges head-on.  That’s how they’ll learn to be courageous!  As Doctor Moms, sometimes we simply have to tackle the hard things.

But it won’t be easy.  Sometimes you’ll try your best and still mess up.  Last night’s blood sugar was not good.  But I still consider it a victory because at least I tried. 

QUESTION:  Can you think of one time when you didn’t let your child’s illness win?  Tell me about it.  Let’s celebrate the victory together!


About Tracy

I'm a Christian wife and mom of a son with Type 1 Diabetes. I hope my blog encourages and inspires other D-Moms.

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