Daily Doctor Mom Secret #2

Secret #2:  Forget your mistakes!

This is the tough part of being a Doctor Mom:  we’re not perfect.  We will do our very best and still make mistakes.

Sometimes big ones.

I recently forgot to change something on Matthew’s insulin pump and sent him LOW!  Thankfully we caught it and he was okay.

Here’s the point: mistakes will happen.  What’s a Doctor Mom to do?

  1. Review what happened.
  2. Learn from it.
  3. Do better next time.
  4. Put the mistake out of your head.  (Don’t miss this!) Being burdened with guilt helps no one.

Finally, pray that God gives you wisdom in advance.  With Him on your side, you really can do this job–successfully!

How do you handle mistakes?


About Tracy

I'm a Christian wife and mom of a son with Type 1 Diabetes. I hope my blog encourages and inspires other D-Moms.

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  1. I used to get very upset and dissapointed with myself. But I am learning that choice is a bad one! No one but God and Jesus are perfect. I have found that when I make a mistake that affects my daughter and her health issues, that it is best to apologize to my daughter (so that she can see that I am not and do not honk I am perfect). Then I ask her for suggestions to help make this not happen again. As she eta older, she is starting to become an advocate for herself and her health. This has helped me take some responsibility off my shoulders and onto hers, as well as showing her that its ok to admit to mistakes and take ownership (WITHOUT guilt)!

    • Mallory, I think this is awesome! You are right, when we mess up, we should just face it and apologize if necessary! Nothing to feel bad about and it sets such a good example for our kids!

      Thanks for your comment!

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