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The Power of Praise

Every Daily Doctor Mom has one role that’s often overlooked: Cheerleader!

Yes!  When you climb out of bed each morning, you need to actively step into the role of cheerleader.

Actually, every child needs a mom to cheer them on, but kids with medical problems need even more encouragement.

All too often, they feel different.  Or frustrated.  Or…sick.

Many kids spend a lot of time simply feeling bad.

A cheerleader can make all the difference in the world.  Knowing there’s someone in your corner, inspiring you to victory is very powerful.

And comforting.

Here are some ideas to put on your To-Do list today:

Hugs, smiles, giggles, jokes, high fives, and words of encouragement.

Go be your child’s cheerleader!


Valentine’s Day Preparations

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’m betting your child will take part in the celebration.

Many of my readers have children with allergies.

How do you get through the holiday?  Do school parties and Valentine treats cause problems?

Most importantly, what do you do to make sure your child doesn’t feel left out?  

After all, a big part of being a Doctor Mom is dealing with the emotional side of things.

Please take a minute and share your tips!  After all, isn’t everything celebrated with a cupcake?

If this post has helped you, would you share it?

Autism on Broadway

Did you know there are “autism-friendly” shows on Broadway?

Children with autism are often sensitive to loud noises and bright lighting.  Sometimes it’s difficult to sit still as well.

But these new shows are specifically designed to remove the jarring sounds and strobe lights that bother  people with autism.

There are even beanbag chairs for those to who need something a little more comfortable!

Apparently the shows have been very successful because more are planned in the future.

The Theatre Development Fund is a non-profit organization that plans to offer special showings of ” The Lion King” and “Mary Poppins” later this year.

Isn’t this fantastic?  What a blessing for families who care for kids with autism.

You can read the full story here


This is what winter looks like in my dreams.   But that is very far from reality.

This has been one of the craziest winters in Texas.  Seriously warmer than what you would expect.  And where is that snow we had last year?

Of course, who knows what next week will bring?  We all know seasons can change very quickly.

What season are you going through?

I have a friend who’s going through a season of confusion.  Decisions need to be made, but there’s not enough information.

It’s turned into a waiting game.

I have another friend whose husband just had brain surgery.  It wasn’t cancer, which is a blessing, but the recovery is going slower than expected.

Another waiting game.

Perhaps today you’re going through a rough season.   It’s never fun, but remember, a “season” doesn’t last.  And truthfully, they change quicker than you think.

Thank goodness!

Today is a new day.  A fresh start!

Do something to make it special.  Maybe go to a movie, or play a game with your kids.  Order a pizza for dinner. Well, you D-Moms might not want to do that.  Maybe go out for burgers?  ; )

The point is that there are things to be happy about.  Find them and celebrate!

Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about tomorrow, that we forget to have fun today.

If this post inspired you, would you be willing to share?  Thank you!

Hello Again

If you’re still keeping up with this blog…wow!  I’m impressed.  I’ve certainly neglected it for a while.

I guess I’ve been so busy being a Doctor Mom, that I just haven’t made this a priority.

But the truth is that I miss it.  And I miss connecting with you.  Hopefully I can get back in the groove!

Things are going pretty good around our house.  Always a challenge with Matthew’s Type 1 Diabetes and of course, I’m as sleep-deprived as ever.

But nothing a little eye make-up can’t fix.

Oh!  And caffeine.  That’s pretty amazing, too.

Tell me, how are you?

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