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I’m interested in upbeat and encouraging posts that will help my readers.  Topics can range from self-care and marriage to finances and home organization.  Anything that is from your perspective as a Daily Doctor Mom.

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  1. I do not have a child with medical needs but I see these children every day. I am a school nurse. I want you as moms to know that we are there for you! I will not hesitate to call you if I have a question. On any given day I may deal with up to 8 diabetic children. I know that each child has a different factor and carb ratio, different equipment and individualized health plans. That is what is on paper. What isn’t on paper is how each child reacts to certain foods, what they like to eat, how their personalities change when they are low or high. These are things that only moms know. So if I call you, please don’t feel discouraged or inconvenienced. I consider you an expert for your child and feel certain that moms know best!

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